[size=29]تحميل لعبة igi
تحميل لعبة IGI , لعبة IGI 2012
تحميل لعبة IGI , لعبة IGI 2012
تحميل لعبة IGI , لعبة IGI 2012
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لعشاق الاكشن والدمار مع لعبه Project IGI: I'm Going In PC على سيرفرات متعدده


Minimum Requirements:
Win 95/98
PII 300
3D accelerated card w/ 8MB RAM
500MB hard drive space
Releace Date : US: December 15, 2000
Genre : ACTION
Published by : Eidos Interactive, Innerloop

uch of the game is about stealth and careful observation, you’ll get to
use some clever gadgets in addition to your weapons. Your binoculars
have night vision and a digital compass, and they smoothly zoom out to
very long ranges. You also have a PDA that lists your mission
objectives and visually keys them with numbers to a live satellite
video reconnaissance feed. You can zoom and pan the readout, and since
it’s shown in real time, you can actually watch guards advance and
attack you if you neglect to turn off the PDA map at an inopportune
time. The PDA also logs your communications, which include both status
reports and tips from Anya, your advisor back at headquarters who’s
watching your progress. Frequently, reports from Anya, including those
that advance the game’s plot, appear when you’re busy avoiding or
fighting guards, so the ability to read them later on your PDA helps
make up for that flaw.

لتحميل اللعبة

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